Welcome. We are a boutique consultancy firm specialized in international business development, marketing and sales.

What we can offer you

Business Development

Starting an idea from seed and growing it to a commercial model, repeatable, scalable and profitable is a long and complex process. We help business owners, commercial leaders to get there with their innovations and ideas. Many successful software and services are today growing thanks to our expertise.

Sales and marketing

Later in your growth stage, you may have sold some of your products and services. But how to make it repeatable, sustainable and scalable? This is where many great ideas and businesses face their toughest challenges. Having a great idea or a great product is… great. The hard part is the industrialization of it.

Strategy / offer positioning

Sometimes the best ideas are not working out. Perhaps the timing is off? The place? the price? The market maturity? Adapting to the market out there can determine success or failure. We can help you determine your strategy and position yourself according to the market you are after. (e.g., the competition, the regulations, the infrastructure, the local culture…)