Who is Magellan?

Who is Ferdinand Magellan? And what is the relation between an explorer and business development?

Ferdinand Magellan is a Portuguese explorer, considered to be the first to achieve the circumnavigation of the Earth. This trip, which he did in the early 16th century, was long planned and with the objective to open a new commercial route for the Spanish Crown. He died less than two years into his voyage but his fleet carried to complete the journey

What is the legacy left by Magellan?

He undertook a trip against the Portuguese Crown, and still managed to prepare and finance his voyage with a fleet and a crew

Many businesses face the same challenges as Magellan did:

  • They have to find financing and support
  • They need to prepare, have a plan, a strategy, and a goal.
  • They face unforeseen challenges and need to adjust course
  • They may need to change leadership
  • They will leave a legacy